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How do you know a Lawyer is successful??

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How do you know a Lawyer is successful??

A lawyer is someone who practices law as an advocate, attorney, barrister, solicitor, and counselor or as a chartered legal executive. To work as a lawyer you need to be involved in the applications of practical and abstract legal theories and must have the skills to solve the complications of individuals.  You also have to draw attention of the business firms and companies who hire lawyers for legal matters. In order to become a successful and an efficient lawyer you must have the following skills   Good domination over language is...

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Build A Digital Strategy in 5 Steps

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Anyone who works in a marketing or an advertising firm will need to know about digital media strategies. Today the world of media has come to a completely new level, as compared to what it was a decade ago. A digital media strategy is important for the growth of every company. It is the method in which this strategy is formulated that separates one company from another. The different steps that need to be taken for a digital media strategy have to be decided, as explained in this video. One’s vision has to be explained in the form of the...

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What is digital strategy?

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The business landscape has completely transformed since the 1990s. Internet has completely revolutionised the way companies do business today. Therefore, to succeed in this era, companies need to keep up with the digital evolution, which can be achieved through a digital media strategy. An explanation of a digital strategy, which keeps track of the digital age, has been given in this video. You can understand how to apply the same to your business through this video. The digital strategy helps understand work done by competitors in a...

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Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

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Digital media can be used in different forms for the purpose of online marketing. The key is to use the different digital media in an innovative fashion. Almost every company requires creation of a digital media strategy. One needs to understand about how the digital media works today, since it has completely revolutionized the concepts of conventional marketing strategies. In this video, Lisa Hsia, Senior Vice President of news media used in Bravo TV explains how different metrics have been designed to monitor viewership on the channel. She...

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How to Create a Website from Scratch

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Designing and developing a website is quite important in today’s technology driven age. One who is looking to start a business or any other activity needs to hire someone who can develop and design their website. But doing so is not an easy job, because it needs a lot of creativity. With this blog, you can travel through a number of posts which will give you an idea of how you can get started and how can you go on with it. The video attached in this post shows you, how you can create a website from the scratch in a “not so expensive” block....

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Steps to Effective Digital Media Strategy

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Any company today needs to have a proper digital media strategy to communicate with its audience. Unless it finds unique ways of communicating with the digital audience, the company is doomed. There are different ways to do this- Facebook and Twitter are two of the most common tools available. Then there are others such as Google hangouts and Pinterest. Complete details of the digital media strategy can be found in this video. The strategy has been divided into various logical steps. The video compels you to think about your product in a...

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Create a great Digital Media Strategy

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Digital media is important for most businesses in the market today. However, not all elements of digital media design can be utilised by all businesses. Some of these can work in one company, but not in another. For any company to grow, an entire digital media strategy has to be created. The business owner needs to know about his customers and what they will want from him, similar to a grocery store owner. Planning is a very important part of the digital media strategy. This video tells you about the different stages in creation of a digital...

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Baker Digital Media Designs

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Digital media and design concepts are largely helpful for the real world today. If a company is looking to create marketing material in different forms, digital media and design can be applied to the same. Applying those concepts and creating material that can be used implies application of classroom knowledge to the real world. In this video, you will see how the students of Baker Digital Media Design have applied their knowledge to work with their clients Fish & Loaves in order to reach out to the community. Fish & Loaves managed to...

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Digital Media Design and its effects

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Digital media design is nothing but using different software and showing creativity and skills with their help. They are encoded in a machine-readable format and can be created, viewed, distributed, modified and preserved on computers with the help of software. Some of the examples of digital media are – Computer programs and software; digital imagery, digital video; videogames; web pages and websites, including social media; data and databases; digital audio, such as mp3s; and ebooks etc. When combined with the internet and personal...

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Digital Media and Design Highlights

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Digital media design can be used for both television and other electronic media. Newer formats for presentation of data are provided by digital media design. Advertisement of different programs can be done with the help of digital media design. It is possible to create visualizations of different form using the same. Look at the design expertise of students and faculty in this video. Let the video take you through designs at different levels. At times it appears as if you are looking at the working of an engine from within. One can also...

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